Is a New iMac Pro Worth the Investment?

The reviewer in the following article thinks the iMac Pro is worth it...calling them workhorses that meet high performance tests. If you have the budget, it looks like these are powerful video editing workstations. Take a look at the tests and all the details in this review: From

...The iMac Pro came out ahead in nearly every test I performed. The 2013 Mac Pro bested it in two tests, but not by much. Those were the exceptions. The most dramatic, was the BruceX test. The iMac Pro came it at :14 - half that of the other two Macs. When I compare the iMac Pro to the other iMac across all of these tests, the Pro averaged 48% faster. Compared to the 2013 Mac Pro, it was 85% faster. The iMac Pro’s performance against the combination of the slowest machines (either iMac or Mac Pro depending on the test), showed it being a whopping 113% faster. But it only bested the fastest set by more

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