Is Hitfilm 3 the Lightroom of NLEs?

hitfilm3express002HitFilm 3 Express is a free version of Hitfilm 3 Pro. We suggest that everyone who edits video download it and give it a try. It's not the most powerful NLE, but it is a very powerful compositing nad VFX tool. In fact, I would argue that rather then compare it to Lightroom, the correct Adobe product to compare it to is After Effects. Read this article, download the software and give it a whirl. Once you try it, you're going to find uses for it in your NLE workflow.
PVC by Jose Antunes Affordable Non Linear Editors for video are some of the most attractive pieces of software indie cinematographers like to explore. Some are even FREE, as HitFilm 3 Express, which is a bit like working with Lightroom… for video. Being new to video, as I am essentially a photographer (and a journalist) who wants to explore the new option in his DSLR, I must admit I fell in love with HitFilm3 Express when I opened and tried it: everything seems to be in the right place. And it is FREE. Well, let’s say that this “free” is, partially, a marketing trick. Yes, it is free, but it is conceived to make you want to have either the HitFilm 3 Pro or buy the multiple expansion packages available to make the free version a more versatile tool. Nothing wrong with that, though. This is not a new technique, the old “giving away the razor, selling the blades” principle works here. Gillette did it giving razors away and expecting people to become faithful and regular buyers of their blades… and that’s where the saying comes from. read more...

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