It's Official: Premiere Bros Love Adobe Premiere Pro CC

7294492_origIt's to be expected that the Premeire Bros love Adobe Premiere Pro CC. In this review they gush about all the new features recently released and how much they love the Adobe workflow. I get it, Adobe has improved Premerie Pro dramatically over the past few years.
Premiere Bros

The Unobjective Review Of The New Features In Premiere Pro CC 2015.1

Premiere Pro CC 2015.1 is now available and if you are wanting an unbiased opinion of the release, stop reading. This review of the new features comes from an editor who has drank all the Premiere Pro Kool-Aid. Premiere Pro CC 2015.1 is an AWESOME update to the BEST editing software on the market.
This post highlights the top-level Premiere Pro CC 2015.1 updates. It is meant to compliment the update resources Adobe has already put out. For a comprehensive look at what's new, Adobe has provided a new features summary and list of bug fixes.

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Hope you enjoy these new features! Remember, this is when the Adobe Creative Cloud monthly subscription really pays off. This is when other editors look over the fence, wishing their NLE's had multiple feature cycles and bug fixes within one calendar year. With these new features, Premiere Pro secures another step out in front of the NLE race into the future. But like all creative tools, after playing with them for a while, they will take a back seat to good storytelling. That's the real beauty of video editing technology, the better it gets, the less it gets in the way. And none does this better than Adobe Premiere Pro. read more...

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