JVC KY-PZ540 40x NDI HX3 PTZ Camera is a Winner!

In a recent blog post authored by Terra York for Videomaker, JVC's KY-PZ540 Series PTZ Cameras have been honored with the prestigious title of Best Camera of NAB 2024. This recognition underscores the remarkable capabilities of these cameras, especially their groundbreaking 40x zoom functionality—a first among PTZ cameras. The KY-PZ540 cameras are equipped with a 4K CMOS sensor and feature a 20x optical zoom for 4K streaming, seamlessly transitioning to HD with JVC's Variable Scan Mapping (VSM) technology to deliver a full 40x zoom resolution in HD mode.

The design of the KY-PZ540 cameras incorporates intuitive elements, including a two-color tally light, internal microphones, and an IP address display on the front panel, complemented by a diverse range of connectivity options on the rear—such as HDMI, 3G-SDI, and audio ports, as well as USB-C, RS-232C, and ethernet ports. These cameras are available in both black and white variants to suit different aesthetic preferences and environmental settings.

The KY-PZ540 Series supports streaming across various resolutions, delivering up to 60p in 4K UHD and 1080p and 720p in HD. While HD-SDI outputs are capped at 1080p, HDMI can handle 4K streaming effortlessly. Notably, the cameras feature UVC (USB Video Class) and NDI HX3 capabilities in the KY-PZ540N model, facilitating seamless network sharing and enhanced accessibility of video streams.

One of the standout features is the incorporation of H.265/HEVC compression technology, enabling efficient 4K 60p streaming—particularly advantageous for live sports and events coverage, offering improved image quality at reduced bitrates compared to H.264. The KY-PZ540 cameras leverage multi-slice encoding technology to optimize performance and minimize latency in 4K 60p HEVC mode.

Another highlight is the subject auto-tracking functionality, offering five distinct settings: Standard, Area, Stage, Wide Area, and Fine Adjustment. These settings empower users to customize tracking parameters based on specific shooting scenarios, ensuring subjects remain sharply focused and precisely framed throughout.

In summary, JVC's KY-PZ540 Series PTZ Cameras are exceptionally well-suited for large event spaces, stage performances, sports coverage, and places of worship owing to their exceptional zoom capabilities and advanced auto-tracking features. Priced starting at $1,999, these cameras represent a compelling investment for individuals seeking to elevate their PTZ systems or establish new setups, offering unmatched versatility across various streaming and connectivity requirements. This blog post illuminates the innovative features and practical benefits of JVC's acclaimed KY-PZ540 Series, positioning it as an indispensable tool for videographers and content creators seeking unparalleled performance in the world of PTZ cameras.

Read the full article by Terra York for Videomaker HERE

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