Kane's World: NewTek TriCaster NDI Workflows

Do you know, that if you are running a TriCaster with Advanced Edition, TC1 or VMC1 there are free web applications available for it? Today, I'll highlight the 'DataLink Timer' web app. This tool will create a visible countdown timer to use in title templates. Formatting controls are available for the hours, minutes and seconds display. Also, the timer can be set to follow a keyer on the system, allowing you to start and stop the timer from the switcher interface itself. The video at the link contains more information on how to use this application. DataLink Timer This web app will create a countdown timer DataLink variable that you can use in a TriCaster title template. Formatting for the time display is supported along with the ability to manually control the timer or set it to watch a keyer to start/stop as the keyer is turned of/off. This app requires TriCaster Advanced Edition. http://kanelp7.wixsite.com/kanesworld/datalink-timer Spreadsheet This web app will allow you to import a spreadsheet of CSV (comma separated values) data. The information will be displayed in a spreadsheet-like view. The lines of data can be selected and pushed into DataLink values on to a TriCaster. A TriCaster with Advanced Edition is required. http://kanelp7.wixsite.com/kanesworld/spreadsheeet

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