Keith Urban “For You”: 5 Tips for Music Video Behind The Scenes


Keith Urban shot his music video “For You” on the same salt desert flats that Bandito Brothers shot the feature film “Act of Valor”. Scott Waugh directed both the film and this music video. Shane Hurlbut, ASC was the director of photography on both as well. Julien Lasseur was tasked with shooting the BTS of the filmmakers’ reunion at this epic location. Julien, a budding director, was given the golden opportunity to work with the likes of Scott, Shane and Keith. Based on my extensive editing history with Bandito Brothers and Shane…Julien asked me to cut the BTS and I very gladly accepted.

I want to share 5 tips on how I approach a BTS in terms of storytelling and editing. A BTS is no different from a short film or documentary in regards to its main goal…to tell a story…and make it memorable. I have seen numerous BTS that end up being a random collection of shots that look nice, show some cast/crew interactions and have a safe/uninspired music track laid underneath. This is technically a BTS…but it can be so much more!

There are many wonderful aspects to creating a BTS. First, as a director, you are granted access to a set with amazing talent and production value. You can choose any angle or shot you want with the goal of sharing the experience of being there. Second, usually no one is telling you what to do, how to do it or peering over your shoulder as you work. It is an opportunity to demonstrate your storytelling style and to capture the essence of the main production. Often this is an unpaid or low-pay gig…but the autonomy you receive will almost always outweigh the monetary compensation.

Remember…it’s YOUR vision of what their production is…and with full access and cooperation, you have a glorious chance to make a compelling stand-alone narrative piece. If you embrace it as a storyteller and filmmaker…and not just a compiler of shots…you can create an evocative BTS that freezes in time the magical moments that only occurred that one day on set. read more....

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