Kent State Makes the Investment in LiveU for Live Streaming

At Kent State University Live U Technology is instrumental in giving students more opportunities in the world of live news productions.

The Kent State School of Journalism & Mass Communication program allows students access to a professional studio setting. This studio is responsible for the production of up to 17 student run shows and resources for classroom curriculum. Students are given real experience in both single camera and multi camera live production- ranging from shooting, all the way to producing live television.

However, while students at the University are enjoying an advanced live studio- they haven't had a strong live remote system. Previous systems included a capture card and Skype- allowing students to create makeshift communication from a studio to a reporter on the field.

"It was too difficult to pull off live video outside the studio. Providing a quick news hit was virtually impossible. We wanted to give our students a more realistic experience. Reporters needed to master the skills to report live and producers needed to learn how to coordinate live shots"

Daniel LeBeau, Broadcast Engineer, Kent State University

Enter LiveU technology.

The school now uses the LiveU Solo as well as other LiveU technology to create a more reliable stream. This technology allows live video to be captured and streamed from a variety of locations that traditionally don't provide great internet connectivity.

“From a technical perspective, the technology allowed us to increase our number of live shots exponentially. From an educational perspective, it probed some weak spots in our students’ education. It them a little bit of time to work through the differences in reporting live. The stories quickly got stronger and incorporated studio elements. It became clear that by exposing students to real live reporting, we were finding our weaknesses and turning them into strengths. This will give our students a significant advantage when it comes to entering the job market. They can explain and show their experience with live reporting. Not ‘fake live.’ Real live.”

Daniel LeBeau

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