Kicking the tires on Final Cut Pro 7

The Editblog on PVC by Scott Simmons

The new FCP update is a very nice, though small, evolution forward for the app

By now anyone who has ever heard of Final Cut Pro has heard that Apple shipped Final Cut Pro 7 as part of the new Final Cut Studio on July 23. It wasn’t the total FCP reboot that many had hoped and consists mainly tacked on new features. The early word was that it probably should have been called Final Cut Pro 6.5 (and I agree) but you can’t make a splashy new release with only half a number advancement can you? I had some time over the weekend to kick the tires on FCP 7 there are some very nice features that have been added to this release. The true test will come when I install at the office and pound it hard for days on end (which won’t be for a while as I won’t be between projects for a couple of weeks) but for the little project I’m working on at home it’s working well thus far. Here’s an early observation on some select features where I was able to kick the tires.

Markers and colors are your friend, and finally usable

The first thing I wanted to check out were the new Markers. There’s 8 different colored markers and they can be added in the timeline ruler as well as to clips edited into the timeline (and of course in the Viewer): read more...

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