Kiloview CUBE R1 New Firmware Available

New firmware for Cube R1 is ready. Release Date: 2024-03-18. Version: 0.01.0026.

Kiloview has optimized the recording performance in this version, and now the preview of NDI HX can be supported on the device's screen. The features of Playback and NAS will be optimized in future firmware updates.More details:

  • Optimized the performance of transcoding recording (supporting 1 channel of 4Kp60 or 4 channels of 1080p60 transcoding recording).
  • Fixed the issue of NDI HX preview failure.
  • Fixed the issue of severe frame loss when recording with N5/N6 (the latest firmware version 1.01.0014 allows N5/N6 to record normally).
  • Fixed the problem of being unable to manually save network configurations in environments without DHCP, prompting an "invalid subnet mask configuration" message.
  • Fixed the issue of being unable to preview an added video source when manually adding the video source in NDI discovery server mode on the PC end.

Please access the Kiloview website at and choose Cube R1 Firmware to complete the update. Kiloview will continue to optimize the features and user experience.

Kiloview CUBE R1
Kiloview CUBE R1 is an award-winning NDI recorder system designed to capture and store high-quality video content from multiple NDI video sources. With its user-friendly design, CUBE R1 is ideal for on-the-go recording in live events, post-production and content creation scenarios. It supports simultaneous multi-channel NDI recording with custom layouts, providing compatibility with a wide range of NDI formats. This recorder system offers flexible recording formats and storage options, enabling users to save their footage in the expected quality and file type. With its user-friendly interface and reliable performance, Kiloview CUBE R1 is a valuable tool for professional live event organizers and content creators seeking efficient video recording solutions for high-profile post-production

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