Kiloview Launches Cutting-Edge AVoIP Solutions

At IBC 2023, Kiloview demonstarted its advanced line of NDI prodcuts. Streaming Media Producer calls it "Revolutionizing Broadcasting to a Different Level: Kiloview's Breakthroughs in AVoIP at IBC 2023."

"With constant upgrading of its IP-based hardware and software solutions, Kiloview Ecosystem enables customers to be more versatile in various workflows with less need for hardware and staffing. The latest update is Kiloview will expand the IP coverage of N50/N60 including SRT, RTMP, RTSP, UDP and more protocols except the existing NDI High Bandwidth and NDI|HX2/3 support. Another notable update is the NDI High Bandwidth support of MG300V2. These moves will significantly increase the flexibility of both products."
Streaming Media Producer

Some products they showed off at IBC include the E3, a 4K HDMI & 3G-SDI HEVC video encoder. The E3 is a new generation of video encoder which builds on the capabilities of our original encoder models with new features of video input and loop through with HDMI up to 4K P30 and 3G-SDI up to 1080 P60, encoding both HDMI and 3G-SDI video by H.265 and H.264 simultaneously or either of the sources or a mix video from the both video sources with multi-protocols including NDI|HX2/ NDI|HX3/ SRT/ RTMP/ RTSP/ UDP/ HLS for either live production, post production, remote transmission, live streaming or recording in different industries. 

The new CUBE R1 turnkey soultion for reliable NDI recording. The CUBE R1 is an embedded device for multi-channel of NDI video recording. The device is the hardware version of Kiloview NDI Recorder which can record up to 9CH of NDI sources simultaneously with 1/4/9 grids preview video in synchronization. Equipped with dual hot-swappable SSD slots, CUBE R1 supports non-stop recording. Both SFP and Ethernet connections allow for different network environments.

The CUBE X1 turnkey solution for NDI multiplexed distribution. The CUBE X1 is designed for unified scheduling, switching, distribution, and management of all NDI signals, supporting 16CH NDI inputs and 32CH NDI outputs. It can achieve seamless switching of all NDI sources and switch without lagging or black screen. Additionally, it can realize non-multicast multiple distributions, multi-business grouping management, NDI signal rotation playback, etc. 

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