Kiloview N60 and E3 in Depth Webinar

Discover the latest updates for Kiloview N60 and E3 in this insightful video replay from Kiloview. Join Kiloview's technical specialist, Simone Messina, in a comprehensive training webinar highlighting the advanced features of the Kiloview N60 and E3.

Unveiling the Kiloview N60, a cutting-edge full-function NDI converter, powered by leading FPGA technologies, advanced AVC/HEVC algorithms, and NDI algorithm. This converter supports 4Kp60 format encoding/decoding with NDI High-bandwidth and NDI|HX, catering to diverse demands and applications for IP-based video transmission.

Explore the capabilities of E3, Kiloview's latest dual-channel 4K HDMI & 3G-SDI HEVC video encoder. With its robust encoding performance, E3 empowers you to encode video sources from dual inputs, facilitating multi-destination live streaming and enhancing your production capabilities.

Stay informed about the groundbreaking features of Kiloview N60 and E3 by watching the replay. Kiloview continues to push the boundaries of video technology, providing solutions that elevate your video production experience.

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