Kiloview Partners with NDI to Redefine AV over IP with N60 and NDI 6.0 Integration

Learn how Kiloview, a pioneer in NDI solutions, collaborates with NDI to transform AV over IP. Discover how the N60 with NDI 6.0 support simplifies workflows and elevates professional experiences. 

In a groundbreaking move within the AV over IP landscape, Kiloview, renowned for its innovative NDI solutions, has teamed up with NDI to push boundaries with their latest offering, the N60. This partnership marks a significant milestone as Kiloview becomes the inaugural NDI Converter supplier to embrace NDI 6.0 technology.

With the integration of NDI 6.0 into the N60, Kiloview delivers unparalleled solutions tailored for professionals, promising streamlined workflows and enriched user experiences. This collaboration underscores Kiloview's commitment to advancing the capabilities of AV over IP technology, empowering users with cutting-edge tools to meet evolving industry demands.

Key Highlights:

  • Kiloview and NDI join forces to pioneer AV over IP solutions.
  • The N60, equipped with NDI 6.0 support, sets new standards in IP-based audiovisual workflows.
  • Kiloview emerges as the first NDI Converter supplier embracing the latest NDI technology.
  • Professionals benefit from simplified workflows and enhanced performance.

This partnership solidifies Kiloview's position as a leader in the NDI ecosystem, offering professionals unprecedented flexibility and efficiency in AV over IP applications. The N60's integration with NDI 6.0 underscores Kiloview's dedication to driving innovation and shaping the future of IP-based media delivery.

Watch the full video from NDI below:

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