Kiloview Powers Formula X Live Streaming

Formula X Racing Weekend is an Italian motorsport competition held at premier racetracks around Italy, including Monza, the site of the Italian Grand Prix. When charged with achieving a comprehensive IP-based video live streaming solution for the Formula X Racing Weekend's outdoor live streaming, Formula X organizers turned to Kiloview. They sought our local partner ADCOM for advice on the devices. ADCOM's Sandro Caselli was heavily involved in prepping the devices for the event's live transmission.

Gear List:
-6x P Series 4G Cellular Bonding Video Encoder
-2x MG300 Media Gateway

-KiloLink (a proprietary technology innovated by Kiloview)
-KiloLink Server
-Kiloview Intercom Server

"By choosing the P series bonding encoders we were able to reduce preparation time setup, which allowed us to reduce rehearsal time from a few days to a few hours. The units were powered with external high power batteries including v-lock and USB power banks, removing the need of AC power on every camera position" -Simone Messina, Technical Consultant of Formula X Racing Weekend

The Kiloview P1 and P2 4G Bonding Encoders were installed on separate cameras. The Kiloview P series, with optimized technology, provides an ultra-low latency video streaming solution with less than one-second delay for remote production. The P series has two internal 4G Cellular, two USB 4G Cellular (LAN), and one Wi-Fi that may be set to operate with any network.

During Formula X testing, if the signal was not strong enough, the team solved the problem by inserting an additional SIM card into the P series encoder. Meanwhile, due to the Kiloview Intercom Server (KIS), the video director was able to communicate with each camera operator via headphones (P series encoders come with a USB headset), allowing for professional voice intercom without the need for a separate hardware solution.

"The client wanted to have a full IP workflow, so instead of using standard SDI decoding for each camera, we moved to a total NDI solution. Reliable outdoor wireless aggregation point-to-point transmission can be efficiently achieved by using the Kiloview P series and directly connecting to Kiloview’s MG300 (Media Gateway)" -Simone Messina, Technical Consultant of Formula X Racing Weekend

The MG300 Media Gateway from Kiloview was chosen to convert the SRT from the cameras straight into NDI|HX for input into the video switcher, allowing for a full IP workflow. The MG300 decodes a wide range of protocols and enables up to 9 protocol cross conversions. For output, each input stream is transformed into one of four alternative protocols.

"We had deployed everything on the cloud using VPS technology, giving the team great flexibility to handle every part of the setup without adding weight to their production, also reducing the overall number of physical computers needed to get the work done" -Simone Messina, Technical Consultant of Formula X Racing Weekend

With six Kiloview P series bonded encoders used during the event, it was critical that these devices be readily managed. To handle Kiloview P series devices, Formula X employed the KiloLink server, a free centralized Kiloview product administration platform based on KiloLink. The KiloLink server was ideal for this application since it supported both cloud and on-premises deployment. The KiloLink server streamlines the process of IP-based video transmission with a few clicks, as demonstrated by Formula X for remote administration of several P1 and P2 encoders. With a super admin account, users may control the system permissions of each user group and a single user, making point-to-point precise administration simple. KiloLink Server Pro, which will be available soon, will be capable of managing all Kiloview products.

"Kiloview provided all IP workflow for this event, reducing the need for hardware and staffing compared with the standard-based broadcasting events. To some extent, it lowers production prices overall. The applied technology fully meets our needs. This IP workflow opens many possible solutions for event direction setup. From the most complex Outside Broadcast solution, to a single workstation powered switcher, thanks to Kiloview’s cloud based ecosystem. We are ready to be able to continue the collaboration with Kiloview in the 2023 season: We are very happy to be able to undertake this partnership and thanks to mutual collaboration there will be the possibility of further improving the various technical aspects in the future." -Luca Panizzi, CEO of FX Master Racing Weekend

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