Kylee Wall talks about Adobe CSnext on Creative Cow

title_banner (1)Kylee is one of my favorite women in post. She's not just a talented editor, she's an advocate for female editors and an on line mentor. She gives her first look at the new features Adobe will be debuting at NAB for Creative Cloud, or as I like to call tehm CSnext.
Creative COW by Kylee Wall Recognizing the need for a connected environment in a decreasingly serial creative workflow, Creative Cloud's new updates integrate each app further with the other, so changes and enhancements can happen at any point in the process without losing time or work. The line between mobile and desktop -- or between one app and another -- continues to blur. Bill Roberts, Senior Director of Product Management, Video, added "Creativity thrives in the midst of a battle between time, money and imagination. It is fueled by connectivity and collaboration It is messy, unpredictable - and one of the most exhilarating things in the world." read more...

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