LaCie 2big Dock is Your Go-To Drive Review

Looking for a thorough review of the LaCie 2big Dock desktop RAID storage unit? These guys have put together speed tests, screenshots, and lots of thoughtful comment about this product. We're big fans of the 2big Dock - LaCie's software makes it so easy to configure your RAID and the front loading media storage slots are a bonus. Read on for what these guys have got to say, too: From Pros:
  • Quiet and low profile design
  • Tons of connectivity options: USB-A (via the included USB-C to A cable), USB-C, Thunderbolt 2 and DisplayPort
  • Daisy-chain ready
  • Built-in card readers for CF and SD (up to UHS-II)
  • Front-facing USB-A female port
  • Extremely fast transfer speeds on Thunderbolt 3 while in RAID 0, and pretty good speeds even on RAID 1 via either USB-C or Thunderbolt 3
  • Will lightly charge laptops connected via USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 (only 27W USB-C, 15W Thunderbolt 3 of power)
  • Massive dip in all three front-facing port read speeds when using USB-C
  • Disk space offered is actually too much, and encourages storing data too long on the insecure RAID 0 format
  • 27w/15w maximum on the Thunderbolt 3 cable prevents you from getting a single-cable solution
The LaCie 2Big Dock is really pretty darn good at its intended purpose. It’s built for a Thunderbolt 3 ecosystem, and within that system it works really well. If you use the 2Big Dock strictly as an ingestion and working drive, it’s one of the better all-in-one systems available thanks to the host of connectivity options and excellent speed performance....[read the full review]

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