LaCie 2Big: Is your Streamlined Post-Production Workflow Hub

Here's an experienced video editor sharing her workflow tips using RAID storage from LaCie. The 2big Dock has the fast connectivity of Thunderbolt 3, but the thing that makes it unique and extra cool is the front loading card reader slot. Having this feature saves time in her workflow and more. Read on for details: From

Earlier this fall, LaCie sent me a LaCie 20TB Dock 2-BAY RAID System to use and implement within my video-editing workflow. I was pleasantly surprised by the amazing connective power it added to my editing suite. Not only did it give me way more storage capacity, but it also improved the speed of my entire video editing workflow. I'll tell you why below, but first I want to give you a brief introduction to my current hard-drive setup.

The LaCie 2Big is the first part of my video storage ecosystem. Below are the steps I take when I start a new video project from an SD-card.

  1. LaCie 2Big Hard-drive (20TB) - Here I Import the footage directly with the hard-drive SD-slot and start the project.
  2. LaCie Rugged RAID (4TB) - Next, I backup the project and videos to my portable drive.
  3. EVO Prodigy desktop share-drive (16TB) - Then I backup my project a second time to my EVO and also occasionally use this great system for team project sharing with other local editors. Learn more about the EVO prodigy here in my video.

(Just as a reference, ~1 hour of 4k 30fps compressed footage creates 30GB of data. So it would take ~666.7 hours of 4k footage before a 20TB hard-drive is full).

Since I'm a freelancer that works primarily individually, on 2-3 small video projects per week, this system works very well for me, but if you are a team with 3+ editors, you may need several LaCie 4TB Rugged Raids as backups and a bigger share-drive system....[continue reading]

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