LaCie new rugged RAIDs to go

Check out this article from about LaCie's rugged RAID storage devices. RAID stands for “Redundant Array of Independent Disks”, meaning you can connect two or more hard drives together to let you store inmormation either spread out over them or backed up to each. To learn more about LaCie Drives keep reading.


LaCie has a reputation for building external drives with heft and resistance, and its latest lets you stabilise storage needs, too.LaCie's 2018 ruggedised external hard drives

There are folks happy with backing up once, and then there are folks who need to know their precious contents have been backed up twice, so they can securely delete them. Usually that’s people working in a creative field, but it can be anyone, because the failures of backing up where drives fail can affect anyone.

However photographers who quickly have to download photos and videos from an SD card and reformat to quickly move on know that better than most. Their skill requires quick thinking and a lot of storage, and sometimes those memory cards can fail, making it an imperative to back up as soon as they can... read more

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