LaCie Portable SSD is a winner!

If you are a photographer or a videographer that works while traveling you know how important external storage is. LaCie has recently announced a new portable SSD, with s USB-C drive and the largest capacity SSD. To learn more about LaCie's new portable SSD check out the article below.


I think we have started to enter the golden age for traveling creators. Photographers and videographers alike now have so many options for cameras, lenses, bags and other tech that we can get just about anything we would need from many options across multiple vendors all for a relatively affordable price. Just about everything is made well, and every year it seems like we get even more outstanding choices. As a photographer that travels frequently, the last year or so has really seen a marked improvement in fast, compact and high-capacity external storage. Both G-Tech and SanDisk have released very, very good products in the compact SSD space in that time. Those two brands have been happy to pretty much own that space, but today that changes as LaCie has decided to throw their hat into that ring as well. With the announcement of the LaCie Portable SSD (not a super creative name, but that's fine), LaCie didn't seem content with just competing with the G-Technology Mobile SSD or the SanDisk SSD. From what I have seen, they wanted to make something better. With the launch of the Portable SSD, LaCie gives us a USB-C drive that matches the largest capacity SSD on the market in tandem with the best performance we've tested.

The first thing that should jump off the page at you is the design of this product: this is not the LaCie you were expecting. Instead of the rubberized orange exterior that LaCie is known for, the Portable SSD shifts the design to a matte-black rectangle more

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