LaCie Rugged SSD is Perfect for Mobile Video Editing

Journalist, filmmakers and professional video producers who work from their iPhone or iPad often run into challenges with editing on set and remotely. When using mobile devices, storage capacity, external drive transfers, and app interfaces are huge problems. LumaFusion and LaCie have partnered up to bring a solution for mobile video editors everywhere. The LaCie Rugged SSD and SSD Pro and the LumaTouch premium video and editing and effects app is the perfect solution. 

LaCie says direct drive editing has two benefits.

  1. You save loads to space on your mobile devices
  2. There is no waiting for files to transfer. 

The Rugged SSD and SSD Pro are powerful drives. They are durable, waterproof and come with consistent performance and compatibility. 

"The Rugged SSD and Rugged SSD PRO are the perfect match for video editors, who are often filming and editing demanding video in the wilderness and remote environments around the world. I was especially impressed with the performance and compatibility of the SSD Pro which works incredibly well on the Thunderbolt and USB-C iPad Pros and iPad Airs.”
Chris Demiris, LumaTouch co-founder

Combining LumaFusion with the LaCie Rugged SSD drives, you create a three step workflow. 

  1. Easily capture and store the moments that move you.
  2. Seamlessly work your editorial magic.
  3. Proudly share it with the world.

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