Lacie Rugged SSD / SSD Pro Work Great with new iPads!

Many editors and post production video professionals have been moving towards integrating iPads and portable tablets to their workflows. It’s a supplementary device, but can be an extremely powerful tool. LaCie has introduced support in many portable storage solutions for iPad, to make this workflow even better.

Editing on Set:

For those editing photo and video footage on set, the LaCie Rugged SSD or Rugged SSD Pro can pair with a SmallRig Mount to edit and store footage with your iPad. Users can directly ingest files not only after a shoot but as they are shooting.  

For Docking at your Desk:

Two LaCie solutions are designed to dock peripherals with devices like iPads, just as well as with desktop workstations.  The 1big Dock and the 2big Dock are Thunderbolt 3 powerhouses with the docking essentials including a USB 3.0 port and SD card or CF card reader.  They will also keep your iPad powered as you use it.  

Check out this article from LaCie to learn more about these great workflows.  

Learn more about LaCie HERE.


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