LaCie's New DJI Copilot Drive - Backup On Location without a Laptop

For those of you action photographers and videographers who shoot on location and need minimal gear, this new portable drive from LaCie should interest you. It's not available just yet (coming in 2018 Q2), but when it is you can pack it out instead of your laptop to backup your hi-res footage! It's called the DJI Copilot and has lots of features a standard portable drive lacks. Read the full article from Gizmodo for details: lacie DJI Copilot driveFrom Gizmodo

....the Copilot also distinguishes itself from past entries in LaCie’s rugged line with more ports, and a large LCD display on top. In addition to a USB-C connection, the DJI Copilot includes an older USB port that allows you to connect and copy photos and videos directly from a camera. Or, you can pop out a memory card and insert it into the Copilot’s SD slot so you can backup footage and photos while still actually using your shooter......[continue reading]

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