Larry Jordan on FCPX controversy: things are certainly a mess

Post by Larry Jordan

Last Tuesday, Apple released Final Cut Pro X — a statement, which does not come as a surprise to the post community. However, what has stunned many of us since then was HOW they released it.

As some of Post Magazine readers may know, I was privileged to see an early form of Final Cut Pro X in February — a form that very closely resembled the final version of the software. I joined about 40 other editors for this initial preview.

At that time, I had a few brief conversations with key members of the Apple team to get a better understanding of where they were headed.

The software that Apple demoed in February closely paralleled what Apple showed in April. The presentation focused only on Final Cut Pro and was very sparse with details of how it would integrate into the overall post-production workflow.

A month later, I was given a pre-release version and asked to provide feedback to Apple; which I did, pages and pages of it, along with bug reports and comments on the interface. read more...

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