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Need to offload your footage on location? Here's a great user story that may give you some ideas on how deal with your UHD or 4K footage in the field. You'll definitely want some Thunderbolt! From LaCie Blog The following piece originally ran on electrify. The Q&A, with outdoor photographer and cinematographer Andy Best, offers a behind the scenes look at the inspiration, techniques and tech behind his awe-inspiring creations. ....On a long, extended photography assignment, what tips do you have to ensure that your files and work are secure? I always do a double backup. Wherever my home base is at that time, I’ll use the LaCie 5big Thunderbolt 2 RAID system and I always carry around six Rugged drives with me to swap in and out of use. I also use water-resistant bins or a Pelican to store my drives when I’m not using them. When I’m on my Mac, I take screenshots of the drive folders I’ve created as proof that my files copied over. That cancels out any confusion about what files have been transferred already....[continue reading]

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