Let’s Edit with Media Composer – 4K Multicam Off/Online

Hey Everyone,

Kevin P McAuliffe here, and I'm super excited to have my tutorials back up at Videoguys.com. In this lesson, we're going to answer a viewers question about 4K Multicam Off/Online, and what the "best practice" is, if you are going to need to use this workflow. Most people think they can just transcode their 4K clips to DNxHR, group them, and multicam away. Unfortunately that's normally not the case, and the last thing you want to run into is playback problems, when attempting to cut your multicam together. By the time you're done watching this lesson, you'll be able to transcode all your footage to HD, edit and commit your multicam, and relink to the 4K footage with little to no problems at all. Enjoy!

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