Let’s Edit with Media Composer – creating the right type of project

It occurred to me a little while ago, that it’s been four years since I stopped doing my Creative Cow tutorials and, believe it or not, that was way back on version 6 of Media Composer. A lot has changed since then (a lot has stayed the same as well), and I think it’s important to go back, and take a look at many of the concepts that I talked about back then, with a Media Composer 2018.4 (or above) twist on things. Believe it or not, I still receive a ton of mail from people who have watched those old tutorials, and still get a lot out of them. In this lesson, we’re going back to basics, to talk about an important concept, and that is starting out right, to finish right. So many people handcuff themselves when creating the wrong type of project, so in this lesson, we’re going to talk about what the “right” project type is, and why you want to set your project up correctly to begin with! Enjoy! Channel: www.youtube.com/letseditMC_avid Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/LetsEditwithMediaComposer Twitter: @kpmcauliffe

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