Lights! Camera! Web! With NewTek TriCaster Mini

IMG_1803In this video Geeks Life! walks you through the easy set up and operation of the NewTek TriCaster Mini for their Lights! Camera! Web! streaming program. They rave about it's portability and ability to use inexpenve off the shelf HDMI cameras.
Geeks Life! By Dave Curlee

NewTek, the makers of the tremendous TriCaster line of broadcast and streaming systems, has made another splash in the streaming production market with the TriCaster Mini. I've had the pleasure of using one for a few months and even did a long-form streaming event with one and love it! For organizations on a budget, that need to get up and running with a streaming / broadcast system that is rock solid and affordable, this unit has what you're looking for.

The Mini lowers the barrier to entrance by standardizing on HDMI for inputs, meaning, you can use a MUCH wider range of cameras, which help you keep cost down, while keeping creativity high.

In this episode of Lights! Camera! Web!, I walk you through just how easy it is to get up and running with a Mini HD-4. Read more

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