Linking Assets in Photoshop to FCPX by Chris Fenwick

This is an incredible new feature in Photoshop CC that was just recently released. It allows Photoshop to constantly be creating assets for web developers from their layer names. I've taken it one step further and created a little work around to allow you to "dynamically link" (yep... fake SEO juice again) in order to constantly be updating your images in FCPX.

digitalCINEMAcafe is a weekly podcast that is designed to be an open discussion between industry professionals. Our goal is to create a learning experience for everyone from the aspiring film-makers to industry veterans.

We discuss all facets of the business from acquisition through distribution.

Our goal is to bring together creative individuals that have an ability to express what moves and inspires them.

The show is hosted by Chris Fenwick of SLCE Editorial and Alex MacLean of Colorflow.

Chris Fenwick has a 30 year history of creating broadcast television and corporate video projects that started years before even owning a computer. As a broadcaster and an early adopter of “desktop video” Chris brings a unique perspective to what we now do everyday. In late 2008 he was an early adopter of the Canon DSLRs being used in digital cinema and perfecting their use in his workflow. As Co-Host of the Digital Cinema Cafe Chris enjoys sharing his thoughts and views on the post production world.

Alex MacLean has been part of the Digital Cinema Revolution from the start. He has worked as an Editor, Colorist and DIT on feature films, documentaries and commercials. Alex was an early adopter of the RED Digital Cinema Camera, designing file-based workflows at Katabatic Digital in NYC. In 2011, he moved back to California to co-found Colorflow in the San Francisco Bay Area. Never short of an opinion Alex is a wealth of information about the entire digital process.

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