Live Streaming History & Success of YoloBox & YoloBox Pro

Gary is joined by Frank from YoloLiv to discuss the streaming history and success of the YoloBox OG and YoloBox Pro

Timeline & Key Milestones

  • 2019: YoloBox Launches on Kickstarter
  • April 2020: YoloBox Launches
  • November 2020: YoloBox Firmware Update v3.1.0 - New User Interface, schedule with direct integration, and view comments from Facebook & YouTube
  • December 2020: YoloBox Firmware Update v3.2.1 - Picture in Picture added
  • January 2021: YoloBox Firmware Update v3.3.0 - Bring in PDF files as a Video Source
  • February 2021: YoloBox Firmware Update v3.4.0 - HDMI Program Output, PD & Split Screen mode, a new UI
  • April 2021: YoloBox Firmware Update v3.5.0 - New Transitions added
  • June 2021: YoloLiv YoloBox Pro announced
  • August 2021: Pro v1.4.0 Built in Chroma Key features added
  • September 2021: YoloBox v.3.6.0 Overlays and scoreboard added & Pro v1.0.6 - Video from SD Cards & scoreboard countdown timer added
  • November 2021: Pro v1.2.0 Animated countdown clock and timer overlay added
  • December 2021: YoloBox v.3.7.6 - Monitor mode, animated countdown clock overlay, 2 videos from 1 SD card, flip screen all added
  • January 2022: Pro v1.4.0 - USB-C webcam out added

More firmware updates are coming from YoloLiv! This ever expanding, all-in-one video streaming, mixing, and streaming solution is a perfect portable device for those looking for ease of use, and great results. 

Videoguys has also done a great video comparing the YoloBox OG and the YoloBox Pro. For starters, YoloBox Pro has as an additional HDMI input, which makes it perfect for those looking to bring in a third camera for their production.

It also still features a USB camera input (which can also be used to record to a USB storage device), but on the YoloBox Pro this is a USB 3.0 port, while the YoloBox features a USB 2.0 port. YoloBox Pro also includes two USB-C ports, one for charging and one for use as a standard USB-C. YoloBox only features one of these ports, so you can't use it for a USB-C if you are charging the unit at the same time. Podcasters and audio professionals will also love the YoloBox Pro, because it has expanded audio mixing capabilities.

YoloBox Pro still has the 3.5 mm line in audio jack that the original YoloBox has, but now it also comes equipped with an additional 3.5 mm mic in jack. On top of additional inputs, the YoloBox Pro will also provide a faster and smoother experience, because it's CPU gives it added power. The YoloBox Pro packs a QualComm 660 CPU while the YoloBox features a QualComm 625 CPU.

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