Live vision mixing with the Datavideo SE-2000, HD SDI vision switcher

MacVideo by Rick Young

Live vision mixing with the Datavideo SE-2000 HD SDI vision switcher

Vision mixing on location has traditionally been very expensive, requiring a significant amount of peripheral products. The affordable Datavideo SE-2000 offers HD quality inside of a portable unit which features: up to 5 inputs (4 HD SDI, & DVI); built in audio mixer; HD quality from input to output.

The Datavideo SE-2000 is a rugged and portable five channel HD video & audio switcher designed to excel in a new demanding high-definition production environment.

The SE-2000 switcher not only outputs HD quality, but also provides an array of simple-to-operate features, including up to 14 pre-stored logos, digital clock display, five user setup, DVI-D connection for use with presentation software and easy titling, and many more features.

The Datavideo SE-2000 HD video and audio switcher enables you to switch seamlessly between video and audio sources and blend high-quality digital content on the fly, even without external genlock, thanks to the built in Time Based Corrector. read more...

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