LiveStreaming Pokemon Go with LiveU

Pokémon GO enthusiast aDrive has combined live streaming with the augmented reality gaming experience to engage with fans as he goes on the hunt. Read how he brings his Pokémon GO adventures to life with outdoor live streaming powered by @LiveU Solo.


Pokémon GO exploded in 2016 and players like aDrive, as he is known on Twitch, have implemented live streaming into the augmented reality gaming experience to engage with fans that go on the hunt. aDrive has been part of the Twitch live streaming community since 2014. He initially began streaming for the Call of Duty community and then decided to focus solely on Pokémon content. Since then, aDrive has created over 2,000 videos for his 380K subscribers. aDrive's gaming content blends education, commentary, and comedy but combined with live streaming the conversation between aDrive and his viewers is enhanced. “Live streaming is a great platform for viewer interaction and makes gaming more fun in general. You end up being a part of something much bigger,” concluded aDrive.

Upgrading his live setup

mothimaDrive explained why it was important for him to upgrade his live streaming setup. “I wanted to jump into Pokémon GO live streaming and felt there was an audience that wasn't being served on Twitch. The majority of Pokémon GO streamers in the past used hacking devices to relocate their GPS or had poor quality. I knew if I could create high-quality Pokémon GO streams it would fill a void.”

He was first introduced to some outdoor live video technology after seeing another Twitch gamer using a popular live streaming kit created by Justin Gunrun Ignacio of more

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