LiveU and Grass Valley are joining forces to offer remote cloud-based video production

ProVideoCoalition wrote up a great article about how Grass Valley and LiveU have partnered up! 

Recently, LiveU & Grass Valley teamed up with a cloud-based solution for live streaming remotely! This is an end-to-end solution focusing on remote production within a cloud based environment. This helps streamline remote production - both LiveU & Grass Velley specializing in these workflows - and helps hasten the time to actually getting your stream up and live! 

Avi Cohen (LiveU co-founder & COO) said, " “With the ongoing shift to cloud production, we are committed to helping our customers maximize these new efficiencies, delivering our live video solutions as-a-service with pre-integrated workflows. Our collaboration with Grass Valley offers customers a highly efficient, flexible and scalable set of tools for going live from the field, providing greater flexibility to adapt to the needs of each and every story, giving a richer viewing experience. Remote live production can be orchestrated from anywhere via LiveU’s and Grass Valley’s integrated cloud environments, or using a hybrid model of choice, integrating high-quality live video feeds with smart automated production capabilities.”

Using Grass Valley's GV AMPP

Both Grass Valley & LiveU are pushing forward live productions for news and asset management. This helps to simplify workflows and speed along actual broadcasting content. 

LiveU Gave the following examples:

  • High-quality live feeds can be sent from any of LiveU’s field units for remote switching and live production using LiveU’s cloud solution with Grass Valley’s GV AMPP (Agile Media Processing Platform), the first cloud-based SaaS platform for broadcast to fully leverage the power of elastic compute. Built for the cloud from the start, GV AMPP is specifically designed to overcome broadcasters’ long-time reliance on costly and inflexible hardware-based media systems and provides a modular approach to everyday media workflows.
  • Live feeds from LiveU units can be integrated into the GV STRATUS news and asset management tool to streamline the remote news gathering and production workflow. Utilizing LiveU’s live video metadata to automate the process and provide metadata enriched assets within GV STRATUS, users can quickly search, browse, edit and publish content – live or file – using a range of smart search criteria and via the smart rules’ engine.

Since LiveU joined Grass Valley's Technology Alliance (GVTA), CEO and President of Grassvalley Tim Shoulders said, "As our customers strive to deliver the captivating content and high production values that consumers demand, the GVTA gives them access to trusted solutions that are tested and configured to ensure interoperability with Grass Valley’s solutions – one of the major hurdles our customers face when deploying multi-vendor systems. We are delighted to see LiveU join the GVTA and the first implementations of our joint solution in the field.”

US Presidential Election

LiveU specializes in an all cloud ecosystem for live news as well as sports production. They combine LiveU software hybrid cloud solutions with their brand new management platforms for delivering great live streaming content. In fact, recently they broke records with the Presidential Election. And these numbers don't lie. 

LiveU certainly played a key role and covering the election. They were using a mix of LiveU's portable transition solutions, bonded LU-smart app, and their LiveU Matrix. LiveU was flat out responsible for nearly 700 broadcasters from around the world getting the broadcasts they needed. 

"“LiveU experienced an unprecedented 16,540 live streams on Election Night,” said LiveU VP of sales (Americas) Mike Savello. He then said, "This year has challenged our broadcast customers to approach live newsgathering in unique ways. The pandemic has changed studio environments, crew allocation, budgets, and workflows. What has remained consistent is LiveU’s ability to provide high-quality, flexible solutions that news organizations can rely on, especially to cover high-profile news and events.”

Once again, we'd like to than ProVideoCoalition for providing resources from their original article. You can read the original article here in full! 

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