LiveU Customers Bring Viewers Hurricane Harvey Coverage

LiveU Solo offers the best-in-class ‘plug and play’ live streaming bonding solution, bringing LiveU’s broadcasting expertise to the online media market. Here it is in action: From LiveU blog Hurricane Harvey has been affecting southeastern Texas for six days. We’ve had broadcast customers and freelance videographers on the scene in and around Houston covering the devastation, relief efforts, providing updates on the situation, and reconnecting loved ones live on air. Rainfall estimates are around 48+ inches and streets are flooded making it a challenge for emergency response teams and broadcasters to move around the city. We've been getting accounts of what's been going on from our customers on the ground in Texas. We compiled them into a blog post to give you an idea of how these teams are braving the storm to update viewers on the situation...[read the full story]
“I was astounded by the performance of LiveU. We were in a category four hurricane at landfall with at least 100 MPH wind and water everywhere. There was no power and horrible cell phone service yet the unit didn't drop once. I was working with Mike Seidel in Pota Lavaca, Texas. We were at the tip of the spear for The Weather Channel and the unit made us rock stars. Big high five to everyone at LiveU!” - Mark Weiss, Weiss Productions, LLC

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