LiveU Delivers a Slapshot of Innovation for Edmonton Oilers

The Edmonton Oilers, led by Ryan Hyrcun, the Manager of Video Production, have embraced digital media to connect with their fanbase. Their journey started with sharing content on social media platforms and evolved into launching Oilers+, a streaming service offering exclusive behind-the-scenes access and live shows. Recognizing the need for a more efficient solution for live content, the team switched to LiveU, following the example of other NHL teams. This decision not only streamlined their workflow but also led to a significant increase in revenue, with Oilers+ subscriptions surpassing 20,000 in the second year, generating over $1 million.

However, the Oilers faced challenges in expanding their live coverage, particularly during special events like the NHL Heritage Classic. Held at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton, the 2023 Heritage Classic presented logistical hurdles due to its offsite location and the desire to capture content from various areas of the stadium. To overcome these challenges, the team adopted a Remote Production workflow using LiveU technology. They deployed an LU800 field unit and LU300S field encoder, enabling them to transmit live video from multiple locations back to their production control room at Roger’s Place.

During the Heritage Classic and other events, cameras were strategically placed at press conferences, family-skate sessions, and various spots throughout the stadium. This setup allowed the Oilers to roam freely and capture compelling content, enhancing the fan experience. At the production control room, editors and switchers coordinated the live broadcast, ensuring seamless coverage of the game and related activities. By leveraging LiveU for both OTT and social media content creation, the Oilers have successfully elevated their live production capabilities and strengthened their connection with fans throughout the NHL season.

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