LiveU Dominates PyeongChang Winter Olympics with 190 LiveU Units

Live streaming was a big deal a the Winter Olympics this year. It's a "trend" sports broadcasters are seeing more of. Read how LiveU's bonded streaming technology and support was behind the success of streamed events at the PeyongChang Games. From

...Many of those broadcasters are in need of a simple and portable way to get their content back home and, for many, that means utilizing the services of a transmission partner like LiveU.

A whopping 190 LiveU units were deployed last month by various broadcast entities across PyeongChang with those units churned out 7,100 live sessions broadcast out to approximately 40 different countries. That totaled up to about 6 terabytes of live transmissions.

These PyeongChang Games also marked the first time that LiveU offered a 4K-ready solution that relied primarily on HEVC (high-efficiency video coding) for compression....[continue reading]

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