LiveU Solo Connect FAQ

What is Solo Connect?

The Solo Connect Bundle Kits are turn key cellular bonding solutions with unlimited data service. These kits are a one stop shop for LiveU Solo users, improving the out of box experience significantly. It is available in both 2 modems and 3 modem packs.

You get modems that are tested and certified to work with your LiveU Solo, the LRT service to provide bonding on demand, and unlimited data from either two or three cellular connections.


What is the cost of a Starter Kit?

The two connection starter kit is priced at $450 and the three connection starter kit is $650.

What is included with Starter Kit?

The Starter Kit is an all in one stop. It includes all modems, MiFis and cables you need to get started- either two or three connections.

The two connection kit includes two USB modems for your LiveU Solo. The three modem kit includes a MiFi with Ethernet port, Ethernet cable, and power supply for your MiFi.

Can I select what modems I want to use in the Starter Kit?

No, the modems that come with each starter kit have been tested and verified, but are subject to change over time.

The goal is that while availability of USB modems changes frequently, you can always be assured the Starter Kit includes what you need.


Will LiveU be offering Verizon or Sprint modems in the future?

It's possible, the goal of Solo Connect is to protect LiveU customers from complexity and changes in plans and offerings. LiveU is focused on providing their customers with their needs for a reliable stream.

If you do, can I trade the modems I have for one of those when they come out and will there be an additional cost?

There is no option to exchange or trade in modems that come with the Starter Kit should future Solo Connect offerings change.


What data plans are available for Solo Connect?

The two and three connection Solo Connect services include T-Mobile and AT&T unlimited plans. Customers can rest easy knowing that every line is unlimited.

Can an existing user upgrade to Solo Connect? How?

Customers only need to purchase the starter kit to get started. If the user already has LRT, that will be accounted for when activating Solo Connect.

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