LiveU Solo Connect Starter Kits - Easy as 1,2,3!

The LiveU Solo Connect Starter Kits eliminates any hassle streamers have of going live wirelessly! These let you stream from anywhere in high quality with LT Cloud Bonding and Unlimited Data!

The Bundles above include the LiveU Encoder & Starter Kit. Building this complete solution is as easy as 1,2,3

Step 1: Start with a LiveU Solo HDMI or SDI Encoder!

LiveU Solo is a portable video encoder that creates a super robust connection. These ensure your video streams go live to any destination you choose, no matter where you are or what you are doing!

One connection is not enough! Get reliable bandwidth everywhere by bonding up to 4 connections into one, super robust signal!

Step 2: Add Modems with the LiveU Solo Connect Starter Kit!

These Starter Kits are a bundled solution combining certified modems that have been tested and approved by LiveU with the LiveU Solo encoders and the Solo Connect services that give you unlimited data and LRT Cloud Bonding Service for use exclusively with LiveU Solo

These are available in both a 2 MODEM and 3 MODEM option!

Step 3: Subscribe to Data from LiveU with Solo Connect Services!

You no longer have to search for a carrier or service plan for your LiveU Solo! The Solo Connect solution combines the LRT Cloud Service with unlimited data plans for one easy service to manage right in the Solo portal!

The SoloConnect Services Unlimited Data Plan for 2 modems is just $295/month and includes the subscription for LiveU LRT Cloud services.

The SoloConnect Services Unlimited Data Plan for 3 modems is just $435/month and includes the subscription for LiveU LRT Cloud services.

Register your modems HERE

Use code "solo-videoguys" offered by Videoguys for 5% off on all LiveU Solo Connect Data Plans


  • Jim

    Yes. The MiFi withyour data will act as the Wifi hotspot and the 2 modem will connect by USB and allow you to get unlimited data for those direct from LiveU

  • Jay Miller

    I have a question. I already have an ATT Nighthawk with unlimited data. If that’s the case, can I just buy a 2 modem plan and still connect the one I already have and use all 3?

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