LiveU Solo HDMI Selected Videoguys Top Products of 2017 Video

The LiveU Solo HDMI brings cellular bonded encoding under a $1,000. That is a very big deal. If you are into video streaming, you know that there are situations when you simply do not have access to the internet, but the show must go on. LiveU Solo technology allows you to bond two cellular modems, delivering outstanding video quality in the field and on location. The secret to the Solo technology is the LiveU LRT cloud decoder. This service combines the signal from two cellular modems from two different carriers together for incredible video quality with perfect audio sync. LRT optimizes your bandwidth to deliver the best possible video in every situation. From the LRT virtual cloud server you can go to Facebook, You Tube Live, Periscope or an RTMP CDN.

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You can use the LiveU Solo HDMI on your camera or take the output from any HDMI switcher and feed it into the Solo to stream from the field. We have customers using the Solo with the TriCaster Mini for mobile production systems or with the Roland V1-HD 4 input switcher. In fact, Videoguys offers some great deals when you purchase the LiveU Solo together with a Roland V-1 switcher. The LiveU Solo can be used with your existing Wi-Fi, wired internet or a single cellular modem as well. You can choose to not use the LRT virtual cloud server if you have enough bandwidth, but in order to bond multiple connections, you require the LRT. LRT can even bond together cellular modems, Wi-Fi and wired internet for the ultimate connectivity.

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