LiveU Solo HDMI Unboxing & Review

The LiveU Solo HDMI video encoder offers one-touch, wireless streaming, directly from your HDMI camera to Facebook Live and delivers professional quality live video streams without a large crew, lots of equipment or steep learning curve. LiveU Solo lets online broadcasters of all sizes live stream HD video content directly to any online video provider - from anywhere. LiveU Solo is a professional-grade wireless video encoder offering one-touch streaming popular social media networks and online channels. The light and compact Solo is perfectly suited for any type of mobile use allowing you to stream live video from anywhere. LiveU Solo is built on the same LiveU patented technology major television broadcasters are using for their live coverage. The Solo wireless streaming encoder combines up to four network connections (2 cellular modems, Wi-Fi and LAN) allowing you to stream your content over a robust, more reliable data pipe. This in turn ensures your audience will enjoy the best video experience even when you’re streaming from crowded or bandwidth challenging locations. From The Tech Buzz

What is LiveU? It's a broadcasting tool that bonds LTE usb cards to give you huge upload speed to maximize your quality. This is an affordable unit at $995.

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