LiveU Solo Live Demonstration

Baris Oztimurlenk (Founder, President, Talent, & Director of SNOZ Media Group INC.) took the LiveU Solo out for a demonstration! There is streamed to Videoguys to see just what he can pull of with this device!

He continued to stream continuously for almost 30 minutes at 1080p 30fps in an area on Long Island KNOWN for its bad cell reception. Yet even this massive road block didn't stop the LiveU Solo and the 2 Modem Kit that came with it. 

With this portable device, you can now stream almost anywhere! No more worrying about dealing with a venue's bandwidth or shaky wireless connections. The LiveU Solo - with LRT - will bond your available signals together. In other words, if one signal drops, there's no worry about your stream dropping or even dropping frames! 

LiveU Solo is available in 2 models (HDMI or SDI and HDMI) to accept all of your video sources. Just connect your camera, switcher or live production system to the LiveU Solo and get ready to stream from anywhere!

You can see Baris on our segment of Ask the Videoguys here talking about what he did and how he did! He also goes over some of the great bundles with the LiveU Solo like the YoloBox. Watch the full webinar here!

Check out SNOZ Media Group INC. here!

Learn more about the LiveU Solo here!



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