LiveU “Solo” Live Streaming Device Test and Review
The experts at Provideocoalition reviewed the LiveU Solo Premium Video Encoder, a device that made our Top Products of 2017. These little live streaming devices make streaming on location a sane experience by virtue of cellular bonding. Want easy, reliable streaming in the field? This is a fantastic product! From

provideocoalition reviews liveu solo streaming device.... During the streams I didn’t experience any dropped frames, interruptions, or delays; the device performed flawlessly. The simplicity of the Solo makes it hard to screw up.

So, who’s this for? As live-streaming becomes more commonplace and larger companies add it to their media repertoire, it stands to reason that broadcast-quality video would be an early requirement. At just under $1000 the device is competitively priced. For production companies or brands/people with existing production capabilities the LiveU Solo is an easy choice. Using a Tricaster, Blackmagic ATEM, or similar, one could easily stream a multi-cam production to one or even multiple sources if Switchboard Live is used as the destination. For me, I could see selling clients on the concept of project-specific streams while simultaneously recording the entire thing in-camera for later editing/distribution. In that case, the Solo would easily pay for itself in just a few gigs. If the market shows an interest, that is....[continue reading]

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