LiveU Solo PRO Lets You Stream Live Video Anywhere - Up To 4K!

Check out the new LiveU Solo Pro! YouTube channel Live Streaming Pros hosts Dan Pisarki from LiveU who'll show off this amazing piece of gear that will allow you to livestream from any location using multiple 4G/5G cellular connections to one or multiple destinations including YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, LinkedIn Live, and more!

LiveU Solo PRO joins the LiveU Solo family of plug-and-play encoders for on-the-go live content. Now with 4K and HEVC video quality and the reliability of 5G connectivity, you can experience limitless coverage with an enhanced future-proof solution. Up to six IP connections, 4 external 4G/5G modems, WiFi and LAN, ensuring top reliability in any network scenario. Optional HEVC encoding offers the same quality in half the bandwidth of H.264, or twice the quality in the same bandwidth.

Watch the full video below:

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