LiveU Solo Product Profile for Schools

We're big fans of the LiveU Solo - paired with 2 cellular modems, it has incomparable live streaming capability. If you didn't know, the LiveU Solo HDMI made our Top Products of 2017 list for very good reason. See our video clip on it. We've also paired the LiveU Solo with the portable Roland V-1HD and V-1SDI switchers. Connect your cameras to the 4-channel switcher, connect the switcher to a LiveU Solo and you've got a multi-camera stream! The Roland switchers are packed with features and don't add a lot of bulk to your production. From

LiveU Solo in actionWhen I was first approached about reviewing the new LiveU Solo I admit, I was skeptical.

I have seen LiveU units used throughout the industry for several years. On election day 2016, I spent most of the day at WSB-TV in Atlanta and they were using LiveU units all over the state. Literally, they were covering a major trial in the southern part of the state and used another unit in the north to cover the election. I was impressed but thought “that’s something, we will never be able to do.” Boy was I wrong.

The LiveU solo is a bonded video encoder that allows you to stream to a variety of services including the obvious Facebook and YouTube. Bonded video encoders are the best way to make sure you stay live. The units use multiple network connections to maintain a solid transmission despite changes in location or other problems that plague live streams. The LiveU Solo can bond a wireless signal, a wired internet connection, and up to Two cellular modems. This allows the LiveU Solo to produce a high definition video stream without pushing too much data over a poor connection, instead balanceing load across multiple interfaces...[continue reading]

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