LiveU Solo Tutorial: One-Touch Live Streaming

Paul Scmhutzler shows off the LiveU Solo; an integrated A/V encoder that is built for portable live streaming. Watch as Paul demonstrates how easy it is to do a one-touch stream to YouTube Live.

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The LiveU Solo is an integrated A/V encoder built with portable live streaming. It distills it into a single button operation. The Solo (Figure 1, below) is a svelte 4x5” metal-enclosed unit that can be mounted to a camera’s cold shoe or attached to the camera op with the included belt case. liveu solo Figure 1. The LiveU Solo. With two USB ports, a built-in WiFi chip, and an ethernet port, the Solo is capable of bonding your encode to ensure your stream stays strong. Simply put, bonding is the process of taking multiple internet connections and combining their bandwidth into one large data pipe. If any one of your connections drops out or degrades, the other connections retain enough throughput to keep your stream going strong. Getting Started Getting started with the Solo is super-easy. To begin, go to LiveU’s dedicated Solo page and create your free account. Connect your Solo to the internet using the method of your choice (Figure 2, below). liveu solo Click here to read the full article on Streaming Media

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