LiveU will feature “The Gadget Professor," live from their booth at NAB2018

NAB2018 is shaping up to be an amazing event. Demonstrating portable cellular bonding technology for live streaming, LiveU will be featuring their Solo video encoder device at NAB - and more! Here is a sneak peak at some fun stuff they're planning to do so you can see this encoder in action: From

LiveU will use podcaster “The Gadget Professor,” Don Baine to present live internet coverage of the 2018 NAB Show from the LiveU Studio on the exhibit floor. The live streams will show viewers original content and activities from NAB not available anywhere else.

From the LiveU exhibit at the 2018 NAB Show, “The Gadget Professor Live at NAB” will give show attendees and viewers an exclusive look at new product announcements, live streaming industry news, and expert interviews from NAB.

The shows are designed to demonstrate show production made easy using LiveU’s Wireless At-Home Production solution. ...

....Solo streaming

LiveU will also demonstrate the LiveU Solo plug-and-play live streaming device. Solo is the streaming solution of choice for major online media companies and affordable and easy to use. ...[continue reading]

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