New Backlit Keyboard! Introducing the LogicKeyboard Astra Series

Logickeyboard Astra Backlit KeyboardNow, a backlit keyboard like the Logickeyboard Astra Series are available making video editing easier than ever!

I've always been a fan of using a shortcut keyboard with my editing application. It makes it easier to learn all of the keyboard commands and makes the entire workflow faster. The new backlit keyboard now makes it easy in the dark too! RedShark just published this great review of Logickeyboard's new backlit Astra keyboard.

RedShark asks:

A keyboard is just a keyboard, right?

Wrong. An on-board dual-port USB hub is conveniently provided so you can limit the cables to the computer when connecting additional USB devices right on the desktop.

What more can be said? If you work in a darkened environment to get the best results out of your production sessions you can’t go too far wrong than placing the Astra backlit keyboard at the sharp end of the operator's physical interface. There’s a free carry bag for the first 1000 shipping units so you can protect your device suitably when travelling between sites.

Click here to read the full review of the Astra Backlit Keyboard at RedSharkNews Logickeyboard Astra Series Backlit Keyboards available now at

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