A look at Adobe Premiere Pro CC April 2017 Update

NAB is right around the corner and that means an update for Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Scott Simmons wrote this great article on the new updates that are available sooner than we think!! Here we are on the cusp of another NAB so like we’ve seen for the last few years that must mean we are on the cusp of a big update to Adobe Premiere Pro CC and the whole Adobe Creative Cloud video suite (check out the After Effects update). 2017 is no different … but there is one big difference this year: we won’t have to wait until sometime late summer to get the update as it should be available much sooner, probably today … maybe right now as you’re reading this (check your Creative Cloud app as it might take longer to populate to some users).

Click here to watch the video on YouTube

As what seems to be the tradition here on The Editblog I’m going to try and peer beyond the press release and take a look at some of the stuff editors will most be interested in.

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