Mac Pro: What's truly radical is what you can do with it.


When you want to make something great, you challenge every assumption. You cast aside every preconception. You refuse to rest until it's the best it can possible be. Whether it's a film, a song, a scientific discovery - or the tools that are used to make those things. We've never created anything like the new Mac Pro. No one has. And we can't wait to see what you can create with it.

Video Editing

4K performance that’s nothing short of spectacular.
Work pixel-for-pixel in 4K without slowing down, thanks to dual AMD FirePro workstation-class GPUs and the latest Xeon E5 processors in Mac Pro — a merger that delivers the breathtaking capability to run three streams of 4K video at once (or many more streams of HD video). Combine that with the power to drive up to three 4K displays, process effects in real time, and even edit 4K multicam clips, and you have a video editing powerhouse.

Unprecedented expansion. At 20Gb/s.
Six Thunderbolt 2 ports redefine the possibilities for expansion by giving you up to 20Gb/s of throughput — without being limited by a set number of PCI Express slots. Connect to your SAN or fast local RAID storage. Then add video I/O, broadcast monitors, your existing PCI Express cards, and just about anything else your workflow requires. With HDMI output, you can even use a 4K TV as a preview monitor. Manufacturers like Promise, AJA, and Blackmagic are creating a host of advanced high-performance storage, video I/O, and expansion solutions for Thunderbolt 2. Another benefit of Thunderbolt: You can easily move your high-performance peripherals from one Mac to another based on the task at hand. And both generations of Thunderbolt technology are compatible with the new Mac Pro.
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Final Cut Pro X. Now optimized for Mac Pro.
The new version of Final Cut Pro X (coming in December) has been engineered to take advantage of the 4K capabilities of the Mac Pro. The dual workstation-class GPUs in Mac Pro accelerate effects, optical flow analysis, video export — and virtually everything else you do in Final Cut Pro. Ultrafast PCIe-based flash storage means fast project loading and multi-stream 4K playback. And Final Cut Pro X has been so perfectly tuned to take advantage of the new Mac Pro, you can work in 4K — in real time — without rendering. (Take a minute to let that slowly sink in.) read more...

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