What makes AVID Media Composer so powerful

The strength of Avid Media Composer: Frank Capria, Angus Mackay, Robert Russo

AVID Media Composer rules high end production for feature films and broadcast. Even though other systems offer competition, AVID remains a formidable force at the high-end of film and video production. So what is it which makes AVID Media Composer so strong? In this discussion key members from AVID discuss the strengths which Media Composer offers, they talk about key features of the newly announced AVID Media Composer 5, and explain just why AVID editors LOVE the AVID and why the vast majority refuse to migrate to any other system.

Featuring Frank Capria, Senior Product Designer, AVID; Angus Mackay, Marketing Manager, Professional Segment Customer Operations, AVID; Robert Russo, Applications Specialist, Post, AVID.

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