Magix Vegas NLE is the Best Kept Secret in the Industry

While names like Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro usually dominate the Non Linear Editing discussion- and for good reason! But, there is another option to look out for that is very straight forward, and loaded with features- Magix Vegas Pro 17. recently posted a great review on Vegas Pro. We’re going to take a look at the finer points from that article below!

Vegas Pro has made major leaps in its time in the industry. Users who came across the NLE early on will remember that it originally did not support video!

It was originally NOT a video editing system, but a multi track audio application. However, fast forward to today- and Vegas is a fully fledged multi track, high scale NLE.

So here was a very classy-looking multitrack audio editor that didn’t need specialist hardware. It was interesting for that alone. But then, along came Firewire (Sony called it iLink and engineers called it IEEE 1394), which was the first time you could link a digital camera directly to generic computer without a special interface card - although most PCs didn’t come with DV on the motherboards - so you still needed a DV interface.

Today Vegas Pro 17 is fully equipped to handle sophisticated multi-level editing at a high performance rate.

Check out the full article from to learn more.

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