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There is an amazing sale going on - we're talking savings of a few $100!!! - for VEGAS Pro software. If you are on the fence about this nonlinear editing software or want to know more about it (hint: the review is pleased with the way this software has evolved), check out this review: From

vegas pro review...The latest iteration of the software, VEGAS Pro 15, introduces a remarkable set of visual and functional improvements. It is also on sale until November 30th, 2017.

Welcome To VEGAS

First introduced as an audio-only tool at the 1999 NAMM show, VEGAS Pro had come a long way to becoming one of the more popular non-linear video editors around. The video editing features were first added in 2000 (version 2.0 of the software), with annual updates being released by Sony all the way until version 13 in 2013. This was when the development stopped, leaving the existing users desperate for an update which would iron out the bugs, performance drops, and stability issues which occurred when using VEGAS Pro 13 on newer versions of Windows. Potential new users were also wary of jumping on board with an application which seemed closer than ever to becoming abandonware.

Thankfully, MAGIX took over the development in 2016 and released VEGAS Pro 14 not long after, fixing most of the bugs and stability issues reported by the users, along with adding some nifty improvements like 4K upscaling, RED camera support, and a higher video velocity limit. The core feature set hadn’t changed significantly, though, and it was still pretty much unclear in which direction the forthcoming updates would go. Was MAGIX planning to continue pushing VEGAS Pro into professional video editing software territory, or would they try to turn it into a more beginner-friendly application instead?

A New Dawn

Whereas version 14 was somewhat of a maintenance release, it’s safe to say that VEGAS Pro 15 is the first proper “upgrade” since Magix took things over from Sony. And judging by this first glimpse into the future, brighter days are coming for VEGAS Pro. From a UI facelift to performance improvements and some brand new features, there’s plenty of stuff to be excited about if you’re a VEGAS Pro user. Let’s take a quick look at some of the most important changes in VEGAS Pro 15....[continue reading]

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